• To deepen bonds with animals

  • Toward a society where animals and people live happy lives together

    We help pets live healthy lives as your lifelong companions and family members

About Us

Human-Animal Bonding 

The Akasaka Animal Hospital was founded in Akasaka, in the heart of Tokyo, in 1963. For over 50 years, we have provided premium healthcare services to our animal patients so that they can live long and happy lives as treasured family members. We practice veterinary medicine based on our belief in the “human-animal bond (HAB),” always thinking of the optimum treatment for animal patients that bring so much healing and happiness to people. Our goal is to foster the realization of a society where animals and people live happily together. Count on us for any animal health-related care. We take pride in helping the bonding of people and animals.

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For New Clients

As a new client, you can find here what to expect after you arrive. Please call us to make an appointment. In case of emergency, please call first to let us know that you are coming.

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Before and After Grooming



Grooming Service to Take Care of the Minds and Bodies of Companion Animals

Our experienced groomers take good care of the mind and body of your companion animal, always paying the utmost attention to offer a less stressful and potentially fun experience for their furry clients. After the grooming, one of our veterinarians sees the animal to check the condition of her/his health.


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