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Pre-Pet Consultation

For those who wonder how to start a life with a pet or who are preparing for life with a new fluffy family member, we offer a consultation service to help you learn what you need to be aware of beforehand. Please talk to us about what is on your mind. Make thorough preparations with us to create an environment that allows you to welcome a new pet and deepen your bond with animals. Learn more


Medical Care

The Akasaka Animal Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary care in both the medical and surgical fields. In addition to general internal medicine and general surgery, our patients can be seen by doctors specializing in medical oncology, surgical oncology, clinical pathology, cardiology, and virology, among others. We are committed to providing medical services that put animals first. Learn more


Preventive Medicine (Vaccinations)

Medical interviews and vaccinations play critical roles in preventive medicine. For dogs and cats, time is said to pass about five times as quickly as it does for us humans, which means that a disease progresses more rapidly as well. Regular checkups are strongly recommended to help practice “early detection and early treatment.” We advise annual examinations for animals aged 5 and younger and twice yearly exams for those aged 6 and older. Learn more


Regenerative Medicine and Genetic Testing

When conventional treatment fails to deliver the expected curative effect or has a severe adverse effect, we can propose regenerative medicine-based treatment methods. For a difficult-to-diagnose case, a genetic test may lead to a diagnosis. In such cases, we will proceed with treatment in consultation with owners. Learn more


Training Classes

More than a few families experience difficulty in training their dog or cat. We can give proper support through training classes to enable animals to live in harmony with people. Learn more


Grooming and Sitting and Boarding Services

We offer grooming and sitting and boarding services. Caring about how animals feel, we try to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Because we provide medical services, your animal will receive medical care if required. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Learn more